Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Exploring the Ghost Town Byway by way of a Suzuki SX4

For me, one of the most fun things about owning an off-road-capable vehicle is going places most people won't ever get to see. Whether it's four wheeling in Moab, Utah or simply exploring some back country dirty roads locally, there's a feeling of freedom, excitement, and wanderlust when I get to actually use my four-wheel or all-wheel drive system.

There are some really amazing places off the beaten path; places that a lot of vehicles won't be able to go—or at least places most people aren't willing to take their vehicle. You don't necessarily need a hardcore 4x4 to venture off the pavement. Some might argue you don't even need four-wheel drive in many instances. However, it's a nice feature to have if and when things get a bit tricky.

Apparently, Eric Davis feels the same way. He's made a few off-road videos of his outfitted Suzuki SX4 exploring destinations off the beaten path. Case in point is this video he filmed using his GoPro. The areas include a couple of ghost towns around Greenough, Montana. This kind of adventure isn't all about the four-wheeling; it's also about the exploration, the history, and getting out.

Eric's SX4 has a lift on it as well as Rocky Road Outfitters rock sliders, slightly bigger-than-stock BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, Primitive Racing skid plates, auxiliary lighting, and a host of other modifications. It's a pretty trick ride that helps the SX4 more capable when the pavement ends.

I love this kind of stuff, and am fortunate to have a Suzuki Sidekick and Subaru Forestser for a bit of back country exploration of my own. Eric's video, however, really captures the essence of getting out there and exploring, if only for a day.


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