Monday, March 12, 2012

Sean's small car pics from Japan

Daihatsu Mira Gino - Subcompact Culture
A Daihatsu Mira Gino. Yes, that's all stock.
 My friend Sean, who runs the blog, is on a trip to Japan. He was nice enough to snap some photos of some of the smaller cars of Japan while he's there. Here are a few of the cool little vehicles he snapped. Just for the record, I'm envious of both the cars and your trip. Safe travels, Sean.

Suzuki Jimny - Subcompact Culture
A modified Suzuki Jimny. Oh how I want one!
Kei Car
Daihatsu Tanto.
Nissan March
Nissan March, I do believe.
Kei car
Another one I'm not sure of ...
Suzuki Alto - Subcompact Culture
Suzuki Alto (with hood scoop)
Japanese Roadster
I have no idea what this is ...
Nissan Cedric Wagon - Subcompact Culture
Nissan Cedric Wagon. (Not that small, but cool!)


Ducati Scotty said...

That roadster with the blue fenders is a Lotus 7 kit car. The front clip looks very non-traditional, the rest of the car looks like a Lotus.

These are popular kits, they even had some made from the original framing jigs until a law suit stopped it. The popularity i no doubt due to the fact that the original Lotus was quite formidable in handling and now you can make your own and easily plop a V6 or V8 in.

Andy Lilienthal said...

I thought it might be a Lotus 7 kit of some sort, but with he "unique" front end, I thought it might be something else.

rubicon4wheeler said...

I am IN LOVE with the Suzuki Jimny pictured here. It's a shame that America doesn't get some of Asia's fine mini-cars. Perhaps as fuel costs rise, we'll finally be able to purchase some of these fun little machines.

gokartride said...

Is the Mira Gino and the Travis the same basic car??? They look so similar.....and awesome.

CanadianPortugueseCarGuy said...

I think that the unknown car is a daihatsu sirion. If I am right...

Unknown said...

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