Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 2011 subcompact sales

Ah, November. We're in the home stretch for 2011's sales year. Starting out its refresh with a bang is Toyota's Yaris, up 160.2%. Also riding the sales wave, thanks in part to a redesign, is the Kia Rio, up 123.5%. Somehow the Smart ForTwo sold nearly double the amount of cars it did last year, +96.2%, and the Mazda2 had a very healthy 73.4% increase in sales versus November, 2010.

Technically, the big loser is the Chevy Aveo, but that's because the hot-selling Chevy Sonic has taken its place, and new Aveos aren't being replenished. If you don't include the Aveo, the next biggest loser is Nissan's slow-selling Cube, down nearly 80% vs. 11/10. The Honda CR-Z is also not selling so hot.

Overall sales still belong to the super-popular Kia Soul, with the Nissan Versa in second, and Ford Fiesta in third. We'll see who takes the sales trophy next month.

Make/Model  Nov. '11 vs.
Units, Nov. '11    YTD Nov. '11 vs.
Nov. '10     
YTD Sales   
Toyota Yaris +160.2% 5604 -23.1% 28190
Kia Rio +123.5% 2159 -24.2% 17956
Smart ForTwo +96.2% 414 -13.6% 4627
Mazda2 +73.4% 801 +476.6% 12610
Nissan Versa +38.2% 9291 +0.3% 89791
Kia Soul +23.0% 6865 +52.5% 92643
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop +17.4% 2383 -6.6% 25305
Hyundai Accent +15.5% 4682 +2.2% 50285
Ford Fiesta +2.3% 3552 +259.3% 64901
Scion xD -8.4% 773 -6.4% 8693
MINI Cooper/S Convertible -8.8% 271 -29.3% 4665
MINI Cooper/S Clubman -13.3% 398 -15.9% 6428
Honda Fit -24.0% 3307 +8.9% 54097
Nissan Juke -25.5% 2514 +500.0% 32858
Suzuki SX4 -27.0% 829 +8.0% 11189
Honda CR-Z -74.4% 305 +145.3% 10766
Nissan Cube -79.8% 203 -35.8% 14053
Chevrolet Aveo -99.1% 30 -35.9% 28577
Chevrolet Sonic -- 4496 -- 10035
Fiat 500 -- 1618 -- 17444
MINI Crossover -- 1412 -- 14702
MINI Coupe -- 286 -- 700


nlpnt said...

I think the Versa's secret is a combination of bottom-of-the-barrel price, back seat room and the fact that the Sentra's so weak that the upsell to a compact just doesn't work they way it would in, say, a Ford showroom.

-On that route, I wonder if the new Rio'll eat into Soul sales and knock it off the top.

- Nice solid month-on-month gain for the Sonic as supply ramps up. Interestingly, there are *no* LTZs in my area, although there are some LT turbos and a good selection of manual LS hatchbacks.
I feel warm and fuzzy towards Chevy between their birthday and (mentioning compacts) the expanded availability of manual trannies on the '12 Cruze.
Those 30 Aveos are likely the last.

- The Mini Coupe has nothing to offer that the original 3-door doesn't. The glaringly obvious line extension, a 5-door version of the original bodyshell, somehow continues to elude them. What the...?

Andy Lilienthal said...

Yeah, I honestly dont' know why the Versa sells so well, but I think you're on to something. It's one of the larger small cars, for sure. I saw a 2012 Versa sedan and it was quite big for what it was. The Sentra is actually up in sales, too (+35% in Nov.; +27.6% YTD). I never see them around, though.

The Sonic LTZ is kind of interesting, because, last time I checked you couldn't build one on the Chevy site. Or, at least I couldn't find how to build one. It's a very nice little car. I'll be posting my review of the Sonic LTZ shortly. I give GM credit for offering the 1.4 turbo in a small hatch.

And I also don't fully understand the appeal of the MINI coupe.