Friday, December 2, 2011

Honda N Concept 4 does retro right

Honda N Concept 4

I seriously love this thing. The Honda N Concept 4 is a retro version of the old Honda N cars from the late 1960s–early 1970s. Apparently this Kei car is going to go on sale next year in Japan. I'm sure it'll be too small for North America (and will likely fall unker Kei engine guidlines, so expect a 660cc engine) but if this went up for sale here, I'd seriously consider one. Love the looks. Simple, minimal, clean. It's retro done right. Be sure to check out the Carscoop link below for a host of pictures.

You may remember that Honda showed off the EV-N Concept at the 2000 Tokyo Auto Show. It was the three-door version of the N Concept 4.


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