Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gregory's Toyota Tercel track toy

Toyota Tercel track car - Subcompact Culture
Gregory Jones' Tercel track car isn't a high-horsepower beast. It isn't a rear-wheel-drive slide monster. It is a Toyota Tercel and it is awesome.

Gregory has put a bunch of work into this Tercel, and I'm sure it has surprised more than a few people on track day. I recently ran across photos of his car on the Micro Image forum site, and thought I'd share.

The car weighs 2,242lbs. with 180-lb. Gregory, a full tank of gas, & an empty trunk. The car makes 89.42 horsewpoer & 96.04 ft./lbs. of torque on the dyno at the front wheels, and he's trying to get back to test the current exhaust setup & some other ideas. He's got street wheels and tires, too since he drives his Tercel to the track.

You can check out Gregory's mods below. This is a great example of a track car that won't break the bank, and hey—it's a subcompact, too.

Gregory's Toyota Tercel track car - Subcompact Culture

• 268,xxxK '96 JY Paseo motor, rering'd at 262,987 miles
• Bowl-blended head with some minor combustion chamber profiling & minor intake gasket match/radius
• Weld filled & ported exhaust manifold modified for 2.25" outlet
• 2" mandrel-bent aluminized "race" exhaust, 2010 Madza 3 resonator, Jones MaxFlow muffler with 2.5" 409ss tailpipe
• Custom 2.5" mandrel-bent cold air intake with AEM DryFlow filter
• Saikou Michi catch can
• Summit Racing breather tank
• BYP rear Poly motor mount
• Filled outer mounts
• Summit Engineering brass shifter bushings
• E101 Corolla trans w/ TRD 2-way LSD
• F1 Racing Stage 1 clutch
• Setrab Oil cooler fed by a Mocal thermostatic sandwich plate & braided lines

• 2.75° of front camber, 1.5° of caster, .35" of toe out
• K-Sport coilovers
• Fully boxed rear beam
• EP91 Starlet strut bar
• Whiteline Anti-Lift/Caster kit
• Whiteline Adjustable panhard bar
• Ultra Racing 20mm rear sway bar
• 1gP front rotors and calipers
• Technafit Red SS braided lines
• Porterfield AP 242 R4 racing pads (BAD ASS)
• ATE SuperBlue racing brake fuild

• JDM '97 Corsa grille
• Lowe's Special garden lip
• 8000K Hi/Lo HIDs
• LEDs in tag lights

Recaro racing bucket w/ custom chromoly seat mounts
• '96 Paseo silver gauge cluster (out of same car the motor came out of)
• SpeedHut 2 5/8" Oil pressure gauge silver to match
• Scangauge II
• blue LEDs in all clusters
• JVC headunit
• MB Quart 5.25" front components
• Blaupunkdt 6.5" rear coaxials

• 15X7 Kosei T1 KS
• 205/50/15 Nitto NT-01 TIRES

• Removed A/C and power steering

Gregory's Toyota Tercel track car comin' at ya!
Gotta stay ahead of those Corvettes! - Subcompact Culture

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