Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Suzuki's offerings for the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Regina - Subcompact Culture

Suzuki released details regarding the vehicles it's bringing to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, held November 30–December 11. The booth's theme is "Small cars for a big future." except for the U.S. and Canada

A couple of their concepts are rather far out, but hey, this is the Tokyo Motor Show—what else would you expect?  Hey Regina? Is that you?
I think I dated a girl named Regina and she didn't look much better than this concept. All kidding aside, it is a bit odd looking, but again, we're talking Tokyo Motor Show here.

According to Suzuki, "The Regina embodies Suzuki's vision of a next-generation global compact car." They also go on to say it only weighs 730kg (1,609 lbs) and has a coefficient of drag at least 10% lower than that of current models. It also boasts high fuel economy of 32 km/l, or 75 MPG on the European city cycle. I'm all for it, let's just ditch the rear fender skirt, OK?

Suzuki Q-concept - Subcompact Culture

Next up is the funkadelic two-seater Q-concept. It's a cross between motorcycle and car, and is only 2.5m (8.2 ft.) long. It, therefore, doesn't take much space for parking, but its enclosed cockpit is more comfortable than a motorcycle. The interior also allows for various seating configurations. Does this thing not look like a giant CD player? No word if Suzuki is pursuing a Sony Discman edition.
Suzuki SWIFT EV Hybrid - Subcompact Culture

Next up is a more practical offering, the SWIFT EV Hybrid. Suzuki has taken its current Swift (sold everywhere in the galaxy but the U.S. and Canada), and swapped in a hybrid system. It, like all hybrids, does have a gasoline engine, but similar to the Chevrolet Volt, it's used as a generator.

Suzuki SWIFT Sport - Subcompact Culture

And finally, the Suzuki everyone in the U.S. and Canada wants but will likely never get, the all new SWIFT Sport. It takes everything everyone loves about the Swift and makes it sportier. It has more power, new transmissions (six-speed manual and CVT), and offers "a significant evolution in terms of fuel economy, comfort, and quietness," according to Suzuki. Hopefully someday Suzuki finds a way to bring this to the U.S. so I can stop blogging about how bad I want one.

In addition, Suzuki is bringing a variety of its latest scooters, motorcycles, and a host of its current production vehicles.

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