Thursday, November 17, 2011

SCCA B-spec racing is going to B great

Really, what's cooler for a subcompact car enthusiast than to hear about the growth of the SCCA B-Spec race class? This class is for subcompact production cars; total costs can't exceed $25,000, making these race cars much more affordable than other higher-horsepower cars. Yes, this is really happening. Hmm ... a Subcompact Culture race car—how cool would that be?

To date, a number of cars already are already approved for the class including the Ford Focus, MINI Cooper Hardtop, Mazda2, Honda Fit, and Kia Rio, and Fiat 500. There are a few that will likely get approved, too, including Chevrolet Sonic, Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent, Scion xD and iQ, and some are even saying the VW Polo. Wait, it's not even in the U.S. ... oh ... I see. 

I'm really looking forward to this class; it should be some great racing. Here are some pics of the cars that'll be in the class as well as a few that might join:

Chevrolet Sonic
Kia Rio B-Spec race car
MINI Cooper Hardtop B-Spec race car
Road Race Motorsports' Fiat 500
Toyota Yaris B-Spec race car
Mazda2 race car
Honda Fit B-Spec race car
A few links you might find interesting, too:

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