Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October 2011 subcompact sales

Sorry for the late sales report on this one, but better late than never.

October 2011's sales were quite interesting. The Toyota Yaris, no doubt due to the redesigned model hitting lots, had the biggest month-over-month increase, yet still has the biggest overall decrease year to day. I haven't seen that before here. Also new is the Nissan Versa, which sold the most units of any subcompact in October. The Juke has an inflated YTD number, as do the Mazda2, Ford Fiesta, and Honda CR-Z. The Kia Soul continues its quest for year-to-date sales domination.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Chevrolet Aveo is dead, replaced by the all-new Sonic, which is why its numbers looks so bad. If you don't consider the Aveo, the Cube is the biggest loser this month moving only 198 units. Even the Smart ForTwo sold more units, and by quite a bit. I wonder what's going on here? In addition, Fiat isn't moving a ton of 500s, either, certainly under the 50,000 Chrysler was looking to move.

Make/Model Oct. '11 vs. Oct '10 Units, Oct '11 YTD Oct. '11 vs. Oct. '11 YTD Sales
Toyota Yaris +160.6% 6792 -34.5% 22586
Mazda2 +51.7% 954 +584.6% 11809
Nissan Versa +47.1% 8889 -2.8% 80500
Nissan Juke +37.2% 2885 +1343.0% 30344
Kia Soul +15.8% 7109 +55.5% 85778
Kia Rio +10.3% 2005 -30.4% 15797
Ford Fiesta +7.2% 4124 +320.5% 61349
Suzuki SX4 -5.0% 945 +12.0% 10360
Hyundai Accent -10.0% 4833 +1.1% 45630
Smart ForTwo -10.9% 327 -18.1% 4213
MIN Cooper/S Convertible -19.6% 399 -30.2% 4394
MINI Cooper/S Clubman -24.0% 513 -16.0% 6030
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop -25.3% 2077 -8.5% 22922
Scion xD -25.4% 628 -6.6% 7920
Honda Fit -33.1% 2822 +12.1% 50790
Honda CR-Z -78.9% 289 +212.4% 10461
Nissan Cube -85.4% 198 -33.7% 13850
Chevrolet Aveo* -98.9% 65 -30.9% 28547
Chevrolet Sonic -- 3833 -- 5539
MINI Crossover -- 2012 -- 13290
Fiat 500 -- 1965 -- 15826
MINI Coupe -- 414 -- 414


D2M said...

Who would have thought something as weird looking as the Juke would be doing so well? :o

Hurrah for the Kia Soul! :D

Oh yeah, speaking of, I heard the Soul doesn't have a spare tire. A lot of car companies are chucking the spare in favor of a patch kit. They said it was to "reduce the weight" of the vehicle to make the mileage better. I think they're just trying to cut costs. =_=;;

Andy Lilienthal said...

Interesting, I didn't know that. I just looked it up on Google, and sure enough: I found a thread on http://www.kiasoulforums.com/ about it.

nlpnt said...

Fiat needs more dealers; I see half a dozen 500s around Burlington regularly despite the nearest dealer being 3 hours away in Albany, NY. I can only wonder how many more they'd sell with a store in town.

What the heck is going on with the Versa!? Even the new model isn't that good a car, and the hatch is still the old one...

3833 Sonics in October, 5539 YTD...not a bad start considering they've been just trickling into dealers until the last couple weeks. I'm surprised as many as 1800 were around before Oct. 1st.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Yeah, Nissan really moves the Versas, and I'm not 100% why.

I see a decent number of 500s around Portland, too, but we're a microcosm of the car buying public.

I truly think the Sonic is going to a huge car for Chevrolet. The Sonic LTZ 1.4 turbo I'm driving right now is fantastic.

nlpnt said...

Regarding the Sonic, I'd like to see someone do a review of the 1.8/5 speed alongside the 1.4T/6 speed. I've seen exactly one review of a 1.8/auto (they were less than impressed), and one-third-again price difference aside I like the look of the base LS better, with its' cloth instead of vinyl seats and lack of the chrome window moldings that seem to start and end in the middle of nowhere (seriously GM, would it have broken the company to carry them up onto the door-handle base thingies?)

DJ Kenny said...

The Versa trades based on price and being a reasonably spacious car too. That is pretty much it. They are heavily discounted, barely 10 grand for an air conditioned 4 door car. Not bad. But they are as exciting as driving a couch.