Saturday, October 15, 2011

A bit more about me, Mercedes.

Honda CRX
Thanks to Andy, my husband, to officially introduce me as another active contributor to Subcompact Culture! As he mentioned, I have always been a small car fanatic, and am excited to expand my knowledge base in a more active role to the site. My first car was a rockin’ two-tone blue and silver 5-speed Honda Civic CRX Si (with the red pin striping), similar to the one at left.

My parents owned a 1979 diesel VW Rabbit, among other things, and have always been into cars. As a child, I was always helping my parents wax, touch-up, or help maintain them. From then on, I was hooked. I hope to bring a realistic, educated, and feminine opinion to Subcompact Culture. Thanks for welcoming me on board!


CGS cat back exhaust said...

Hi there Mercedes. I have read Andy's post last week that you will be here. Good luck into this new touch of your blog.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought, "that's not a Mercedes". Welcome welcome welcome! :) I bet he let you join the blog because he has gotten lazy. hehe.

Andy Lilienthal said...

OK "Anonymous," if that's even your real name, I assure you it's not because I've gotten lazy. Anyway, I'm going back to bed.