Friday, September 23, 2011

Turbo, mid-engine 1972 Honda N600 to race Grassroots Motorsports' $2011 Challenge

1972 Honda N600 race car - Subcompact Culture

The Grassroots Motorsports Challenge (put on by Grassroots Motorsports magazine) happens each year. And with each year, comes a new pricetag. Literally. For 2011, the car being raced can't have a budget of more than $2,011. One of the local entries this year is a super-sweet 1972 Honda N600 that's been "converted," if you will, into a race car.

Out is the puny 600cc air-cooled two-stroke engine, as is much of the rest of the car. The N600 now features a mid-engine Honda D16 engine out of a '89 Civic that has been fitted with a turbocharger and powers the rear wheels. It nearly goes without saying, but a ton of custom fab work has gone into this as well as the suspension system. The N600 now wears 13" Honda Civic VX wheels, has a roll cage, and all of the other saftey goodies.

This has to be one of the coolest Honda projects I've ever seen. Vintage body meets modern turbo engine. Custom, custom, custom, mid-engine, RWD, racecar ... totally awesome.

You can read through the entire build thread on Grassroots Motorsports' forum, and it's worth the read, plus there are more pics, too (check page 6).

Thanks to Bill B. for the tip!

Grassroots Motorsports Challenge

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