Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Teal Terror gets a bumper ... sort of

I recently coudln't believe my eyes when I found a Shrockworks bumper appear on craigslist for sale in Vancouver, WA. This was the bumper I had wanted, but the company was no longer making them. I hurried out to Vancouver and picked it up. It didn't have the hardware, but that wasn't an issue, as it was easily sourced. One thing I wasn't sure about were the mounting brackets. The Suzuki Sidekick/Geo Tracker apparently changed something on the frame in 1996, and when buying/building a bumper, it was important to get the right brackets so the bumper can be installed. After buying everything I needed for the bumper, a quick test fit revealed that—of course—I have the wrong brackets; they're for a '96+. So now I'll need to have a couple of brackets fabricated. I know plenty of people that can do it, though so hopefully it won't be to much of a wait until I can get this thing installed.


CGS Motorsports said...

Bumpers are a matter of personal preference, with a little practicality thrown in. Some prefer the bumper to be large and bullet proof, others think 'less is more'. But if you are planning to run a winch and maybe experiment with alternative suspension systems then a bumper like this one from ShrockWorks may be the answer to your needs.

Jeff said...

Great hunk 'o steel, I have one on my Frontier that takes all that Moab can give it. Really heavy though.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Yes, it is pretty heavy. I believe around 90+ lbs. without a winch.