Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August 2011 subcompact sales

Subcompact Cars

August: Not so great for subcompacts as a whole. There were only five models there were up August 2011 vs. August 2010: The Ford Fiesta continues to be very popular with sales up 76% vs. this time last year. Suzuki (a personal favorite of mine) was up 38% vs. this time last year, as well as a healthy 12% overall, which the company needs. Hyundai's new Accent is proving popular, as is the new 2012 Nissan Versa. Honda's two-seat sports hybrid, the CR-Z, also had a jump in sales vs. this time last year.

And that's it for the good news.

The big loser this month was the Kia Rio, which is unsurprising, since the current models are in short supply and the all-new 2012 Rio is set to arrive on dealer lots soon. Ditto that with the Toyota Yaris.

Of the models not yet out for a year yet, Nissan's funky Juke is still selling strong, as is the Italian darling, Fiat 500. Next month Mazda will likely cross the 10,000 sales threshold with its Mazda2.

Make/Model  Aug. '11 vs. Aug. '10 Units Aug. '11 YTD '11 vs. '10 YTD sold '11
Ford Fiesta +76.0% 5833 +592.4% 53258
Suzuki SX4 +38.0% 1181 +12.0% 8418
Hyundai Accent +37.6% 5289 +3.9% 36245
Nissan Versa +14.9% 5289 -14.2% 59811
Honda CR-Z +3.2% 745 +1281.5% 9635
Kia Soul -1.9% 6885 +64.8% 78003
Smart ForTwo -9.6% 405 -21.6% 3417
MINI Cooper/S Convertible -18.1% 434 -25.4% 3548
MINI Cooper/S Clubman -19.7% 464 -15.3% 5056
Scion xD -24.5% 750 -1.8% 6621
Chevrolet Aveo -35.4% 2596 -5.3% 27211
Nissan Cube -37.2% 598 -26.6% 13212
Honda Fit -40.2% 3959 +19.0% 43234
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop -52.7% 1569 -29.4% 18961
Toyota Yaris -63.1% 1112 -51.2% 14192
Kia Rio -68.5% 658 -29.4% 13602
Nissan Juke -- 3464-- 24149
Fiat 500 -- 3106 -- 11088
Mazda2 -- 1387 -- 9899
MINI Crossover -- 642 -- 10071

August 2010 subcompact sales


BSP_yaris said...

Can't wait to see the new yaris.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Fiat 500 beating the Mazda2 big time, both YTD and per month!

D2M said...

Oooh, I wondered how the Fiat would do! I had people I know snickering and going "Who would wanna drive THAT?"

Well, well.... someone wants to drive it!

Honestly, I think the Fiat 500 will be wrestling some customers from the Volkswagen Beetle. It's got a similar kind of vibe to me, and I can see women really liking it.

(Though I also think some guys might also like the 500 too. ;) )

CGS intake said...

Competition is really tough in sales. The guys at the top must be patting themselves at the back, the guys below should be patting themselves at the back too.

nlpnt said...

I suppose the Versa's year-to-year sales anomalies are due to the model changeover.
I CANNOT fathom why the sedan's out a year ahead of the hatchback - it leaves them trying to sell the obsolescent hatch as a premium model and robs sales from the Sentra which is now way back from the compact class leaders anyway.

I'm surprised at how well the Fiat's doing, especially given how thinly spread the dealers are.