Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's the smallest car you've taken on a long road trip?

I just got done reading a thread on Yarisworld about a person who drove from New Jersey to Alaska and back in a Toyota Yaris. Yes, a Yaris. According to the poster, it was 16 days, 10,400 miles, $3,100 in gas and hotels. That's pretty impressive, especially since the journey was done in a car as small as a Yaris.

Personally, the smallest road-trip vehicle for me was a 2009 Suzuki SX4 that my wife and I drove from Oregon to Wisconsin and back. But that pales in comparison to the 10,000+ roadtrip done by the Yaris driver.

What's smallest car you've taken on a long road trip?


24limes said...

I drove from Vegas to Michigan in a WRX (with a passenger and a dog!) a few years ago, but after driving a few hundred miles (at 65 MPH) in my 2011 Fiesta yesterday and getting 47 MPG (!) I want to drive it somewhere far away. I could get almost 600 miles on a tank!

DJ said...

For many years my wife and I routinely drove from Salt Lake City Utah to Central Pennsylvania to visit relatives. Having always driven subcompacts, we made that trip many times in a Chevy Metro Hatchback, a VW Rabbit hatchback, and a Plymouth Horizon hatchback. The last motorcycle ride my wife and I took was two-up on a 900cc BMW, and we covered 37 states and 15,000 miles.

Ian Cassley said...

We, that being my wife and our three youngest children, just completed a 10,000km road trip from Calgary AB to Raliegh NC and back in a 92 Ford Festiva. Made stops at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky, Washington DC, Virginia Beach, Mount Rushmore and more. The main purpose of the trip was to attend Festiva Madness V with more that 70 other Festivas from all over the US and Canada. Check out our blog!

Anonymous said...

Wilmington N.C. to orlando Fla and back in a weekend in the middle of the summer 3 people in a chevette diesel with NO A.C.