Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 2011 subcompact car sales

Subcompact Cars

The first thing you'll notice with reference to June 2011's sales is the Ford Fiesta's insane year-to-year increases. Like most vehicles, they initially sell slowly, thus exaggerating the sales percentages the next year. Regardless, 42,129 sold year to date is impressive. The Kia Soul continues its small-car domination, and the Suzuki SX4 had an impressive 33% gain vs. 6/10.

The big loser again is Toyota, whose aged and slow-selling Yaris is down nearly 45% compared to this time last year, and nearly 50% year to date. The slowest seller overall: The MINI Cooper/S Convertible—a very niche market model—has sold just 2615 units.

Of the cars that haven't been on the market a year yet, the Nissan Juke continues to sell well, as does the Fiat 500. The Mazda2 and Honda CR-Z hybrid round out the newcomers.

Make/Model  June '11 vs. June '10 Units June '11 YTD '11 vs. '10 YTD sold '11
Ford Fiesta +438.4% 5535 3998% 42129
Kia Soul +80.0% 11314 +92.0% 54987
Suzuki SX4 +33.0% 1105 +3.0% 6053
Honda Fit +20.0% 4912 +46.7% 34418
Kia Rio +8.4% 1954 -13.1% 11933
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop 0.0% 2487 +20.5% 15105
MINI Cooper/S Clubman -6.9% 810 -17.1% 3950
Smart ForTwo -19.0% 470 -19.5% 2695
Hyundai Accent -21.7% 3612 -11.3% 24018
Nissan Cube -30.7% 1313 -26.0% 11492
Chevrolet Aveo -32.5% 3869 +3.9% 21266
Scion xD -33.6% 575 +9.1% 5156
Nissan Vesra -35.7% 4345 -15.9% 45886
MINI Cooper/S Convertibe -36.2% 505 -28.4% 2615
Toyota Yaris -44.1% 1402 -49.5% 11689
Nissan Juke -- 2031 -- 17464
Fiat 500 -- 1803-- 8146
MINI Crossover -- 1710 -- 6720
Mazda2 -- 1081 -- 7440
Honda CR-Z -- 1021 -- 11158

June 2010 subcompact sales


nlpnt said...

-I'm seeing a lot of base model Souls around - they've been practically giving them away. They were advertising $88/month lease deals (!) a month or two back.

-Fiestas, OTOH seem to be most common in midline form; SE and SES-without-leather, with hatches still more popular than sedans. The dealer up here's been sold out for a while, too - even the purple sedan they had found a buyer.

-I'm surprised Hyundai even had 24,000 Accents to sell in June with the old model pretty much cleared out and the new one just starting to ship.

-Having seen the Juke in person I'm not sure it belongs here. It's really a compact by bulk and price point even if it's on a subcompact platform with subcompact interior space.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Just to address some of your comments:

• I, too, am seeing a lot of Souls. Ditto that with Fiestas (a black hatch followed me to work today).

• I don't see a lot of Accents around here; possibly more popular in other parts of the country? The new one should be great, though.

• The Juke's wheelbase is under 100 inches, which meets one of my unoffical benchmarks for subcompact territory. The lines are so fuzzy these days, though since the Versa has a wheelbase of more than 100". The Juke is nearly identical in size to the Suzuki SX4, too.

As for the price, the MINI and Fiat can be pretty darned expensive, too; certainly more so than the Juke (MINI Convertibles can be more than $30,000.)