Monday, May 2, 2011

Top Performance Mods for Subcompacts

If you’re a fan of Subcompact Culture, then you know subcompacts are by no means sub performers. Coupled with low weight and a high-revving power plant, a subcompact delivers plenty of driving excitement, yet can great fuel economy. And, with a rabid enthusiast base and a healthy aftermarket industry, bolting on extra driving excitement is easy. The best place to start is by letting that little mill exhale. And, a performance exhaust topped with high flow catalytic converters is a great beginning.

Next, let it inhale. A performance cold air intake, or CAI, topped with a free-flowing high-performance air filter is a must. Now, you’ve got cold dense power-producing air being forced down your engine’s throat, and the high-flow exhaust letting it out. This easy breathing is what really produces that extra power.

Colin Chapman of Lotus is quoted as saying, “simplify and add lightness.” And, any tuner worth his salt knows weight sucks power. So, the next step is to shed excess pounds from your sub. Light weight car batteries are a great start, and for good measure, toss the back seat.

Now that your subcompact is primed for power, make sure it stays grounded with some handling upgrades. A set of slotted rotors and performance brake pads let you stop on a dime and get nine cents change. Then, install some sport-tuned gas shocks and you’re ready to straighten the curves.

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