Friday, May 13, 2011

Road Race Motorsports to offer Fiat 500 parts and tuned turn-key versions

Road Race Motorsports Fiat 500 CLUB///SPORTIVO
Already known for making high-performance parts (including turbo kits) and dress-up parts for a variety of models, Road Race Motorsports is set to enter the Fiat 500 aftermarket with its latest crop of go-fast goodies. And, not only can these parts be ordered individually, buyers can choose to purchase them all at once, or have a turn-key car built. These turn-key cars will be called CLUB///SPORTIVO and CORSA///SPORTIVO. Here's the low-down:

Rob Tallini, CEO of Road Race Motorsports, says the CLUB///SPORTIVO package is a "Stage 1" group of modifications. These are designed to give 500 owners improved handing, acceleration, braking, and looks. The package consists of the following parts:

Road Race Midram Intake system (dynoed and making 7 ft. lbs. of torque and 5 hp)
Road Race axleback Exhaust with dual, side-by-side SS angled tips
RRM timing controller unit

Bilstein Coilovers
Road Race camber adjusters
Road Race rear anti swaybar
Road Race slotted brake rotors and high-performance pads (street/track day compatible)
Road Race 15 x 8 inch wheels, machined and bored specifically for the Fiat 500 made by Stance (sold only through RRM)

Road Race "CLUB///SPORTIVO" stripe kit
Tinted windows
Carbon fiber A and B pillars

Track Day 4-point harnesses

Again, buyers can purchase these parts individually. However, those looking to deck-out their 500s in one fell swoop, can opt for this, or the next package of mods.

The CORSA///SPORTIVO packages are offered in "Stage 2" and "Stage 3" levels. Upping to a Stage 2 will net you more wild exterior parts.

At Stage 3, RRM will offer a fully-tuned bolt-on turbo kit. This kit is already dynoed with 60% more power than the stock FIAT 500, and more power than the FIAT 500 Abarth. Expect more and more from RRM 500 parts, including a full complement of dress up items as well as some surprises, says Tallini.

Having used RRM products, driven their turn-key vehicles, and seen their show cars, Road Race Motorsports' Fiat 500 products will surely please the Fiat enthusiast, and inject some adrenalin into an already hot hatch. You can visit Road Race Motorsports' website here.

Road Race Motorsports Fiat 500 brakes

Road Race Motorsports Mid-Ram Intake for the Fiat 500

Road Race Motorsports Fiat 500 CLUB///SPORTIVO

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