Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yaris taxi in Taiwan

Toyota Yaris taxi member, "Kimona," posted up this photo of a certain subcompact taxi while on a visit to Taiwan. No, there isn't a lot of room for luggage, but this Toyota Yaris likely gets way better fuel economy than a Crown Victoria. If gas continues to climb here in the U.S., I wouldn't be surprised to see more downsized taxis here. Of particular note: silver front and rear bumpers. The next big trend in taxi cab customization. You heard it here first, folks.


Don said...

It makes sense and looks good to me. But then I've owned a Yaris hatchback for the last 4 years. For city taxi users in America who don't have luggage - offer them a discount compared to regular taxi charges to ride in these small taxis (if permitted by the government), and these taxis would be in big demand.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Around here in Portland, we've got Prius taxis as well as xB (second-gen) taxis.