Monday, March 7, 2011

The CorkSport Mazda2

CorkSport Mazda2
CorkSport is not only a renowned tuner of Mazda vehicles, but it's also a local company (based in Vancouver, WA). The company now offers a host of parts for the Mazda2, including an air intake, exhaust system, strut tower braces, a rear torsion bar, and a host of other upgrades, such as suspension components, from other companies.

The CorkSport Mazda2 was at the Portland International Autoshow, which is where I snapped a photo of their hot hatch.You can read all about the company's tuned 2 on the CorkSport blog.

CorkSport Mazda2 Performance Parts 


sleeksilver said...

Corksport is an incredible company with incredible customer service.

I ordered a test pipe for my '10 MS3 and they answered all questions happily and even refunded me some money when they found a faster and cheaper shipping alternative?

What other company would do that???

Corksport has a customer for life.

Andy Lilienthal said...

That's awesome to know.