Monday, January 31, 2011

Pest Control Cube: Alpha Ecological's Nissan

Who needs a big-ol' panel van when a subcompact tall wagon will do? That must be Alpha Ecological's theory;  they displayed two of their Nissan Cubes at the Portland International Auto Show. A "green" pest control company, Alpha slaps a roof rack on the Cube's roof (to hold the ladder), and paints the cars with the company's colors.

Alpha currently operates in six states, but definitely has the best pest control vehicles in the U.S. I love to see companies switching to small vehicles and installing roof racks.

Alpha Ecological


Anonymous said...

Why are they using import vehicles in a time when american jobs are critical to our economy.
Assembled in America, does not make it american made. Makes you wonder where the chemicals come from as well.
I guess use American sounds great until its your company and cutting cost by using imports then is not mentioned.
Studies and surveys have been done to find that it is just as cheep to use American made or very minimal upcharge, but we have been programed to think import is cheeper. Even to spend a few extra $ to use American would help us in this recetion.
Just take a % off the tech's commission to pay for it all. Seems to be the American way and we just can't break that mold.
Alpha used to be a family oriented business and took care of the employee's, then they doubled the management and assistant size. that created surcharges that came out of the Technicians wages and the turn over has increased dramatically since, as well as moral has been affected dramatically, therefore quality of work has suffered and complaints have increased dramatically.
Jim and Linda should have never left there post's since then, internal abuse of labor

NJ Pest Control said...

With this patrol vehicle, they can immediately go to their clients that need their help.

Anonymous said...

I think that cube service vehicle is awesome. I am looking at converting my service vehicles over to cubes because my ford transit vans are dropping transmissions and the cube gets better gas mileage.
I think the poster above needs to stop telling people how to run their business. Probably a disgruntled employee who never had to make a payroll, never had to pay a fleet fuel bill, never had the stones to go on his own and run his own company. Sadly another entitlement minded person that has the employee/employer relationship upside down. The employer is the customer and the employee is the supplier.
Go start your own company if you think it's so easy.

Anonymous said...

Well said! People that don't have the stones to start their own company shouldn't mouth off about how others run their business. Especially when they can't even spell properly in their posts.
The Cube is awesome. I am considering adding a compact service car to our fleet. It makes perfect sense, especially with fuel and maintenance costs being where they are today.
A company I used to work for before I started my company bought hatchback cars, took the back seat out, and replaced it with a 16 gal tank with Shur-Flo pump, installed locking boxes for chemicals and spraying equipment. They saved 40% in fuel over the following year. Enough to pay the wages for one of their disgruntled employees for a year. Their S-10 and Ranger pickups had problems at 60,000-100,000, and they were lucky to get 150,000 out of any of them. Small imports would double the life of the vehicle, too. Ka-ching!