Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1984 RX-7 + built Ford 302 = awesome small sleeper

OK, so here's a garden variety '84 Mazda RX-7, right? Looks like it might need a new paint job. Got any mods to it?

sPhotobucket Oh my. Owner of this '84 has installed a Ford 302 under the hood. And this isn't just some junky 302. According to his post on, this is a built 302 mated to a C6 transmission. Engine mods include MSD ignition, it's bored and honed, new Speedpro pistons, new rods, cam bearings,Comp cam, reground crank, headers, Edelbrock dual roller timing chain, custom driveshaft, and more. The C6 trans is also built, too.

This potent V-8 RX-7 has 4,000 miles on the engine. Plus, the interior looks really clean (be sure to click the link below for more photos). The owner is asking a very fair $3,500 for this pocket rocket. Man, this would be one fun and fast ride!

LINK: 1984 RX7 built 302/built C6 (

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