Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Compact Camping Concepts offers small car camping solutions

Compact Camping Concepts - Subcompact CultureIf you're like me, you often envy larger vehicles' ability to tow a trailer to go camping. And more than once we've literally shoved all of our gear (and our friends' gear) into our SX4, Civic, xB, etc. to go camping. However, now a company, based right here in Salem, OR has a solution.

Compact Camping Concepts offers a variety of plans for do-it-yourselfers and turn-key trailers (for those that don't want to DIY) that can be towed behind small cars. These gear-hauling trailers turn your subcompact into a subcompact pickup.

Owner, Scott Chaney, says, "When we mean 'compact' and 'lightweight,' we mean it. Our Explorer Box trailers typically weigh approximately 400 lbs." Scott says the compact size is a benefit both when stored and being towed. When packed up waiting for the next adventure, it takes up very little space. On the road, the small size minimizes the impact on mileage, handling and braking when being towed.

So, not only can you tow your gear with a compact camping trailer, you can also put your tent up on the top of one! The company offers a variety of trailers for an array of needs. Be sure to check them out—it's a great solution to us small-car enthusiasts who enjoy heading out to the wilderness every once and a while. Heck, this would've been a great thing to have when my wife and I drove from Portland to Minnesota to visit family (and ended up taking, literally, a carload of stuff back).

Compact Camping Concepts

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