Friday, September 17, 2010

New snow tires

It may be a balmy 65.5 degrees here in Portland today, but soon it will be colder. I have a set of 185/60/14 snow tires on my silver-painted super steelies, but all four tires were different brands, and the majority of the studs have come out.

While tolling craigslist, I came across a set of Hankook W409 studded snow tires in 185/65/14—a more correct size for my Yaris—for $150. I met up with the woman selling them who said she only had them for a year. In fact, she said she only used them for two months! Score. Soon I'll have 'em mounted on the super steelies and be ready for the cold and icy conditions that hopefully won't actually rear their ugly frozen-precipitation heads this winter.

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