Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4 Special: What's your favorite American car?

Being that today is Independence Day here in the United States, I thought I'd ask readers what their favorite American car of all time is. So what's my favorite?

Although I love hot rods ('27 and '29 Fords are some of my faves), and I'm a sucker for a '41 Willys, my favorite overall American car would have to be the Ford Mustang.

Ever since I was a little kid I liked Mustangs. My dad owned a '66 Mustang convertible when he was in college (a six cylinder convertible; he also had a '69 Camaro convertible with a 350 and a four speed). However, I vividly remember the first time riding in a Mustang. It was 1987 or so, and my dad and I stopped by the Ford dealership in West St. Paul, MN and took a 5.0 GT out for a test drive. It was slightly wet outside, and I remember he got the back end lose around a corner. It was the coolest thing ever to a 9 year old aspiring gearhead. He never bought another Mustang. However, did does now have an '06 Corvette.

I remember test driving a '95 GT with a five-speed when I was 17. Holy crap was that power fun. And that sound! I was hooked.

I would love to own a late-model Mustang GT. Nothing too fancy, though; just a V8, a manual transmission, and that oh-so-throaty exhaust note.

So what's your favorite American car? It doesn't have to be a subcompact, just an American brand.


Unknown said...

toss up! it's a 67 Pontiac GTO or the newest Cadillac CTS-V

Unknown said...

If I had to buy any American car today, a 2011 Mustang GT with the 5.0 with be the ticket, as they are on par with M3s performance-wise.

The Vette (ZR1 or Z06) or CTS-V sedan would be fine as well, too bad the G8 GXPs are gone.

murphyseanm said...

Hands down the 2011 Mustang V6. Tons of power, light weight, decent gas mileage and solid axle RWD. There is a whole lot of fun to be had in that car, and being a huge fan of technology that car has everything I want.