Monday, May 3, 2010

What the hell? Covered three-wheeled scooter is "that guy" on the corner

You've probably seen "that guy" rocking out on the corner with the Little Cesar's Pizza sign shaped like a guitar. You know the guy: Long goatee, sunglasses, backwards-facing baseball cap listening to Slayer on his headphones and putting on a show. He was hired to attract attention. Well this scooter is that guy.

While out and about last Saturday, I found myself at Columbia Scooters in Portland. However, even before getting through the doors I was greeted by this three-wheeled attention getter. Although I'm not 100% sure who makes it, I believe it's a Chinese-made generic "3 Wheel Scooter 150cc with Canopy." Make no mistake, Columbia Scooters sells some really cool scooters from Kymco, Argo, Sachs, Vespa, and others. However, this thing, which was parked out on the street to grab attention, wasn't exactly the coolest kid in class. It did, however, make me grab my camera for a "What the hell"-tagged post on Subcompact Culture.

Of note: The canopy for when it rains; ABS on the front disc; and the aftermarket "cherries" sticker on the fairing. Obviously the guys at Columbia Scooters have a sense of humor. Hey—it got my attention.

Three-wheeled scooter - Subcompact CultureThree wheeled scooter - Subcompact Culture
Three-wheeled scooter - Subcompact CultureThree-wheeled scooter - Subcompact Culture


Akitsuki@SX4Club said...

I want one

gokcan said...

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