Thursday, May 27, 2010

Volkswagen to build Suzuki SX4-based "Rocktan"?

2010 VW Rocktan - Subcompact Culture
According to, Volkswagen, a 20% owner in Suzuki, is looking to use the SX4 as as base for a VW-branded all-wheel-drive subcompact called the Rocktan. AutoGuide says the Suzuki AWD system would be retained, but it might be powered by VWs acclaimed TDI or TSI engine. Apparently, it would come out around 2012, just in time for the next-gen SX4. Would we see this in the U.S.? Who knows. However, I'll say this: The availability of a diesel SX4-like vehicle would be great!



burnitwithfire said...

If VW uses its engines in that car, it'm pretty sure they would use their own transmission and Haldex AWD system.

Andy Lilienthal said...

That's an interesting point. However, I assume there'd be a bunch of retooling if that were the case. VW probably doesn't have a drop-in AWD system that'd fit the SX4. Then again, I could be wrong (it might be easier than I know).

burnitwithfire said...

Well If they use their engines, then the cost of using their transmissions as well isn't that high. VW could go with a haldex specific rear subframe. They won't be using their engines if it's anything like the Routan/Caravan. They re-tuned the suspension, slapped on a VW front end and made the interior better but the running gear is all Chrysler.

If VW can keep the cost down I'd be interested in a few years.