Thursday, May 20, 2010

PBR me ... or just shift

PBR Shift Knob - Subcompact Culture

Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined? Yes, I made a PBR shift knob for my Yaris. It's almost done, but I need to thread the handle just a bit farther with the tap (not beer tap) that I bought.

For the record, I am a beer enthusiast, but not so much a PBR lover. I'm also working on a Paulaner tap shifter, too. Sehr gut!


Chris said...

Haha, I love PBR, and I think this is great! If only for show :)

Anonymous said...

Watch out...since you live in Portland, anything PBR might be too tempting for a hipster to resist.

Paul said...

Are you able to reach into your glove box?? LOL

Brian said...

When you hit fifth gear does beer shoot out the tailpipe?

Thirty-Nine said...

I only wished the car dispensed beer. Although, I'm not a big PBR drinker. However, there are worse beers out there (e.g. Hamms).

And yes, I am able to barely reach the glovebox. I do occasionally hit my hand on the shifter though. I need to thread it a bit more so its about an inch lower still.