Monday, April 12, 2010

Scrit SX4s = hotness

Scrit Suzuki SX4 crossover Subcompact Culture

Scrit is a Japanese company that makes aero parts. One of the kits that struck my fancy was for the SX4. They make aero parts for both the crossover and the sedan. Oh yes—so hot. They also make kits for the Swift and Splash, too.

Scrit Suzuki SX4 body kit - Subcompact CultureScrit Suzuki SX4 Sedan - Subcompact Culture


HyundaiSmoke said...

Beautiful SX4 thrity-nine, thanks for sharing man.

Thirty-Nine said...

My pleasure. I think it's pretty classy!

HyundaiSmoke said...

Those HIDs are priceless. The wheels are very sweet. Its like a Golf, but youll save money.

D2M said...

Oh, that looks so cool! It really gives the SX4 some extra zing to it!