Monday, February 22, 2010

Opening Day at Portland International Raceway

Cobras on grid - Subcompact Culture
The weather has been fantastic in Portland for the last week, and the sunshine was in full effect on Saturday, Feb. 20 for the opening day of Portland International Raceway. The event was held by Friends of PIR, and included a whole bunch of activities. However, I really came to do the touring laps.
Touring! - Subcompact Culture
For a $10 donation to Friends of PIR, you got to take a few laps around the track at highway speeds, which was a lot of fun. The 'ol Yaris is a lot of fun to toss around the track! The money goes to Friends of PIR, who is committed to the preservation and enhancement of the track.

Here are a few of the smaller cars from the event ... and a GT-40 and Lamborghini.

1970s Toyota Corolla - Subcompact CulturePorsche Speedster - Subcompact Culture
Scion xB - Subcompact CultureLate 1960s MINI - Subcompact Culture
Late 1960s MINI - Subcompact CultureTriumph TR3 - Subcompact Culture
Ford GT-40 - Subcompact CultureLamborghini - Subcompact Culture


Unknown said...

was a good day indeed.

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Andy Lilienthal said...

Dude, I hear ya. I totally want a TE72.