Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chicago Auto Show: Return of the Suzuki SX4 Makai

Suzuki SX4 Maki - Subcompact Culture
Suzuki recently posted a couple of images of the SX4 Makai on its Facebook fan page from the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. A lot of custom work on this vehicle: No roof, special bodywork, CEC custom wheels. Heck, nearly the entire thing is custom. This car has actually been shown before; it debuted at the 2007 LA Auto Show. It's pretty out there, but I think it's pretty cool, too.

Suzuki SX4 Maki - Subcompact Culture

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adamaoc said...

I always liked this concept for Suzuki but come on... Lets get some new stuff. that thing is like 3 years old.. :) love you Suzuki :)