Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MINI Countryman or Crossman leaked

There has been a possible leak of photos of the fourthcoming MINI Countryman (also possibly known as the Crossman). You can see, it has four doors, a raised ride height, and some other styling cues that set it apart from a Cooper. Allegedly, it will have an AWD system, too. Perhaps the Suzuki SX4 will have some competition in the subcompact AWD market.

To me, this vehicle looks like an afterthought. I think the styling missed its mark. Then again, perhaps that's because I'm accustom to seeing a MINI Cooper and thinking that's what a MINI should look like. The miniature rear side windows remind me of the old Toyota Corolla All Trac wagons. Their rear side glass was smaller than the other side glass, too. I am, however, glad to see another subcompact AWD vehicle possibly going on sale in the U.S. ... maybe?

[SOURCE] (Jalopnik)

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nlpnt said...

Lower it down to the normal Mini ride height and it's what the Clubman should've been all along.