Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December 2009 subcompact sales: The big winners and losers

December 2009 proved to be a strong month compared to December of '08, with several models showing gains. In fact, next to August's astounding "Cash for Clunkers" sales, December had the most models posting improvements over the previous year.

The Korean makes again dominated the top two spots with the Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio posting sales of more than 120% compared to December of last year. Even the Korean-made Chevrolet Aveo posted an impressive 48.8% gain compared to this time last year. Six makes posted positive gains in 12/09. The largest—and only—gain of the year in this segment was the Hyundai Accent, which did 35% better in '09 vs. '08.

The low spots weren't quite as low as some other months, with the exception of the Smart ForTwo, which posted a -63.1% loss for 12/09—the largest decrease of the month. The largest yearly loss was the Scion xD, down 47.6%.

Dec. '09 vs Dec. '082008 vs. 2009
Total sold in '09
Hyundai Accent+126.4%
Kia Rio
Chevrolet Aveo
Nissan Versa
Toyota Yaris
Suzuki SX4
MINI Cooper-2.2%-16.4%45,225
Scion xD-8.7%-47.6%14,499
Honda Fit
Smart ForTwo
Kia Soul--
Nissan Cube
Pontiac G3

Here are the overall 2009 totals for the year from highest to lowest:

Units in 2009
1.Nissan Versa82,906
2.Hyundai Accent68,068
3.Honda Fit67,315
4.Toyota Yaris63,743
5.MINI Cooper45,225
6.Chevrolet Aveo38,516
7.Kia Rio34,666
8.Kia Soul31,621
9.Nissan Cube21,471
10.Suzuki SX420,704
11.Smart ForTwo14,595
12.Scion xD14,499
13.Pontiac G36,223

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D2M said...

I'm still disgusted that the Aveo has so many buyers. It'd be better to buy a used car of quality than waste your money on a new Aveo. That's what I think. >:(

I'm not surprised about the Nissan Versa. They seem to be pretty popular where ever they go! I see them often here in W. Falls TX.