Friday, December 11, 2009

POLL: FWD + snow tires vs. AWD + all-season tires

With my snow tires on my Yaris and our impending "Winter Weather Advisory" for Portland, I got to thinking: Which vehicle would be better in the foul weather? My FWD Yaris equipped with studded snow tires, or my AWD Suzuki SX4, albeit on all-season tires?

In my particular situation, my Yaris is lowered, so it's got ground clearance going against it. However, in snow two inches or less, it probably wouldn't matter. In deeper snow, I'd rather have the AWD SX4, even if it is on all-season tires.

Then there's the question of ice. I think this is where the FWD with studded tires might actually prevail over the AWD system. Or would it?

So what do you think?

Which is better for winter time driving?


Anonymous said...

It's all about the tires to me. Tires are what make or break tricky road conditions in bad weather. Assuming the brakes are in good shape, which they always should be.

Anonymous said...

I've had both. The FWD can still get stuck more easily, due to one large lump of snow can push the front end up, but in general, stopping/turning is more stable. However, AWD donuts are WAY WAY more fun than e-brake slides.

Unknown said...

I chose FWD with winter tires on since it will be better suited in snow while driving, as for digging yourself out of snow drifts and snowbanks AWD is better as the power is distributed better among the 4 wheels instead of just 2 in a FWD. Now if you had the option for AWD with winters then no contest the AWD is much better. The problem with AWD is that people think they can go over anything and thats a no no since once you bottom out the 4 wheels are just gonna spin