Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mitsubishi Colt is coming to the U.S.

As you may have read a while back, I recently called Mitsubishi's Colt a "holdout" in the U.S. market. Well, apparently, the Colt is a holdout no more. According to an article on Autoblog, the Colt is headed back to the U.S.!

According to Autoblog, Mitsubishi made the announcement in a presentation at the LA Auto Show.

If you haven't noticed, Mitsubishi needs to bolster its current U.S. lineup. Sure, the EVO is a great halo car, and the Lancer ant Outlander are decent offerings. However, vehicles such as the Eclipse, Galant, and Raider haven't exactly sent buyers flocking into Mitsubishi dealerships. With the large number of subcompacts headed to the U.S., it only makes sense for Mitsubishi to bring the Colt here.

As a fan (and former owner) of Mitsubishi products, I'm highly anticipating the Colt. I'll be sure to post more information as it becomes available, too. (FYI, the three-door Ralliart version is pretty sexy!)

BREAKING: Mitsubishi Colt is coming to America (Autoblog)


gokartride said...

Glad this is happening, but I do worry that the arrival of these great small car offerings (long overdue), combined with soft car sales due to economic stress, added to consumer unfamiliarity with some brands, plus the sudden glut of numerous small car models, will mean that any particular model may not see runaway sales figures immediately. Hopefully the trend is here to stay and the carmakers can hang in there.

Anonymous said...

That's great news, but again, why not a year ago? I was very interested in this car, and the Swift, but neither one was coming when I was shopping. It would be cool to see them around, hopefully with a bit more muscle than 104 hp. I would consider the Swift, or Mazda2 or Colt as my next car....if I can get a nice a hatch with decent styling and at least 120hp....which I guess the Swift should have when it arrives.