Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Romik offers truck accessories for Kia Soul

Romik Kia Soul - Subcompact Culture
The Kia Soul is a neat car. Its shape, especially from the rear, almost looks a bit SUV-like. So I immediately took notice when I saw a Kia Soul with some truck/SUV-like accessories at the SEMA Show.

This red Soul in the Shewood Automotive booth at SEMA wore a Romik front bull bar, side steps, and rear "max city bar," among other accessories, such as custom healights, aftermarket wheels, and chrome side trim and grilles, which are available through Sherwood Automotive.

These truck-like products are definitely unique for the Kia Soul. However, with the Soul's shape it, I get it. FYI, Romik products are available though Subcompact Culture sponsor, AutoAnything.

Romik Kia Soul - Subcompact Culture
Romik USA
Sherwood Automotive

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