Sunday, November 1, 2009

ChumpCar World Series kicks off in Portland

ChumpCar World Series - Subcompact Culture
The other "Crap-Can" racing series, ChumpCar, kicked off in Portland on Saturday, bringing with it 38 sub-$500 race cars. Like the 24 Hours of LeMons, ChumpCar pits low-buck cars against each other for 24 hours of racing mayhem.

The race kicked off shortly after noon. I stayed for a couple of hours; it was raining steadily at 2:00pm when I left. The weather definitely deteriorated throughout the evening and early morning. The latest post on the ChumpCar Facebook page says this:

4:45am update: Extreme fog conditions forced us to red flag the race at 4:45am. Teams overwhelmingly agreed to stop the event, extend the race and to freeze all work on the cars (no work whatsoever -- all cars are parked on track). The plan is to green flag at 8am and race until 3pm. That's about all for now....

ChumpCar has not reported an official winner. However, I believe the "Git Miata Here" team may have won. Anyway, below are some photos and video of the event.

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