Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Subcompact race cars from around the world

From road racers to rally cars—subcompact cars can make really good platforms for a race vehicle. The small shape, light weight, and nimble handling all lend themselves to racing. Here are a few examples of subcompact race cars from around the word.

MINI Challenge car

Aveo rally car in Ecuador

Suzuki Swift Cup car from New Zealand

Chinese Touring Car Championship (CTCC) Nissan Tiida

J's Racing Honda Fit

Ford Fiesta rally car

Spoon Sports Honda Fit

Suzuki SX4 race car from Guatemala

Yaris Sedan from Thai one-make race

Vitz race cars from Netz Cup in Japan

Hyundai Accent WRC rally car

Kia Rio rally car


Anonymous said...

I have to say, the Aveo, Yaris, and Tiida/Versa look out of place in ANY race.

The rest look like they belong, especially the Suzukis and the Fits.

Betrivent said...

I disagree, but that's my opinion.