Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Next Nissan Micra headed to U.S.

Well, it looks like Nissan is certainly taking the small car market seriously in the U.S. The company just announced that the next generation global small car (Nissan Micra, I assume) which will slot under the Versa, will be sold in the U.S. The photo above is a current Micra. The next world car could resemble a recently released drawing. In addition, Nissan is saying this vehicle will have a three-cylinder engine. FYI, I believe the last three-banger on the U.S. market was the Chevrolet Metro/Suzuki Swift.

Not surprisingly, I've always dug the Nissan Micra, and think it'll be a worthy, and very direct competitor, to the Toyota Yaris liftback and the Hyundai Accent hatchback, among other subcompact vehicles.

Kudos to Nissan for offering up the Cube, Versa, and allegedly the next Micra in the U.S.

[Source = Automotive News]


Unknown said...

I think its a really cute car, but I can't see americans wanting to drive a toy car around.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Well, the Volkswagen New Beetle has sold very well, and it doesn't get much more "toy-like" than that.

Chris said...

And I still remember the Nissan Micras from the late 80s until the early 90s, which were sold only in Canada. I remember seeing several here in the Midwest many years ago with US license plates.

spencer said...


You're right, Nissan is looking better and better. I can't wait to see some Club races - Micra only :)

gokartride said...

I'm a Micra fan and this is great news!! I'm amazed to see many of barriers to offering euro-cars in the U.S. breaking down.