Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2013 Volkswagen E-Up!—The next new old Beetle?

Volkswagen E-Up!
The Volkswagen E-Up!, which is currently debuting at the Frankfort Motor Show, is an electric vehicle that VW says should be the "Beetle of the 21st century." Those are some pretty strong words!

The E-Up! is only 10.5' long and seats 3+1. According to VW, the car will do 0-60 in about 11 seconds, but more importantly, perhaps, is the 0-30 of only 3.5 seconds—perfect for city sprints. It will do 85 mph, though. This little guy weighs 2,400 lbs. including the 500 lb. li-ion battery. Range is expected to be 80 miles. Like other upcoming (no pun intended) electrics, the E-Up! should recharge 80% of its battery in an hour.

No word on expected pricing at this time.

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