Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Suzuki Swift spy photos is has captured some photos of the next-generation Suzuki Swift testing. Wearing European plates, the Swift was camouflaged, although you can get a decent look at the overall shape. is reporting that the vehicle will be headed here—I certainly hope so! Now that the Kizashi has debuted, hopefully American Suzuki will concentrate on launching the Swift for North America!

Check out's Web site for more.

Spy Shorts: 2011 Suzuki Swfit
2010 Suzuki Swift (Suzuki Japan)


D2M said...

I have no idea how it drives or anything, but... IT LOOKS AWESOME in person! They're pretty popular here in Northern Japan. I was actually disappointed when I found out the US didn't have the Swift when I checked.

adamaoc said...

Maybe its the pics but it just looks so much bigger than the swift... almost looks the size on an sx4...