Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Road Trip Report: Suzuki SX4 AWD milage

We racked up 4,677.5 miles in 11 days on our road trip. We stopped for gas 20 times, although there are some spots in the middle of nowhere that you gas up just because you're not sure where the next pump will be.

Overall, we averaged 28.34 MPG for the entire trip. Our highest tank was 34 MPG, which can be attributed to crossing Yellowstone National Park with it's 45 mph speed limit. Our lowest tank was 23.5 MPG, which was due to a 30 MPH headwind crossing North Dakota. At one point, we were averaging almost 37 MPG according to the car's mileage readout. We found the readout to be off by about 1-2 MPG most of the time, though.

Things to consider: We had the air conditioning on 85% of the time and our car was loaded down with tons of crap we were bringing to and from the Midwest.

A lot of people think the SX4 should get better mileage. However, I think 28 MPG combined isn't too bad for an all-wheel-drive car with the AC on driving 80 MPH across several states.

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