Friday, August 14, 2009

Buy a $500,000 Portland condo, get a free Nissan Cube

The 34th annual NW Natural Street of Dreams luxury home show is going on now in Portland, OR. It always showcases some of the most hip, extravagant, and amazing homes in Portland.

The 2009 NW Natural Street of Dreams features "Views of the Pearl," specifically showcases penthouse condominiums in the trendy Pearl District that range in price from $1 million–$2.5 million. However, with the downturn in local real estate, even the upper tier properties are coming with incentives. For instance, KGW News reported tonight that one of the properties is including a brand-new Nissan Cube for buyers who spend $500,000 or more on a condo. Can't quite reach the half-million dollar mark? Buyers who spend less will get a free motor scooter.


Unknown said...

Darn I just missed out, although I probably couldn't even use the motor scooter because they're "death traps"

Andy Lilienthal said...

... says the motorcycle rider. LOL