Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 2009 subcompact sales

Unsurprisingly, like most vehicles, subcompact sales were down in May.

• The least percentage lost from this time last year was Hyundai's Accent (-15.3%). The Accent is the only subcompact vehicle to have a positive gain overall for the year.

• The biggest loser was the Scion xD, down nearly 75% from this time last year.

• The biggest subcompact seller of the month was the Yaris with 10,130 vehicles sold.

• The least was the Pontiac G3 with only 282 units sold.

Overall, the Yaris is still the best-selling subcompact in the U.S. followed by the Nissan Versa, and the Hyundai Accent.

May '09 vs May '08Year to date Cars sold in '09 to date
Hyundai Accent
Toyota Yaris
MINI (all)-27.0%-20.8%16,780
Honda Fit
Nissan Versa
Smart (all)
Kia Rio
Suzuki SX4-71.0%-34.0%9,496
Chevrolet Aveo-73.6%-62.8%9,669
Scion xD-74.5%-63.0%4,795
Kia Soul--
Nissan Cube
Pontiac G3

Nissan USA May 2009 Sales
Toyota USA May 2009 Sales
American Honda May 2009 Sales
MINI USA May 2009 Sales
Smart USA May 2009 Sales
American Suzuki May 2009 Sales
GM May 2009 Sales
Hyundai Motor America May 2009 Sales
Kia Motors America May 2009 Sales

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