Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cool Web Site: is perfect for planning a road trip

Planning a road trip this summer? I am. I plan to drive from Portland, OR to Minnesota and Wisconsin this year to visit family. Although I've done the drive several times, I'm always crunching numbers to see how much fuel will cost us, and if it's cheaper than flying.

A great Web site that will help you determine how much fuel will run you on your road trip is from AAA (American Automobile Association). Simply enter the city you're departing from, the city you're arriving to, and the year, make, and model of vehicle, and will give you an estimate on how much your fuel charges will be.


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Unknown said...

That's a long long long drive... you'll be taking the SX4 I presume? Once you get through the mountainous part of MT, it's all dead-flat and snoozerific pretty much until you hit WI. You must have a bum of iron.