Friday, May 15, 2009

BREAKING: Fiesta Movement car stolen

Autoblog is reporting that one of Ford's Fiesta Movement vehicles has been stolen. However, Ford tracking the vehicle using GPS. Allegedly, the entire thing is being covered on Twitter through Ford's social media person, Scott Monty.

Apparently, the vehicle is on the Interstate 95 in New York at this time.

LATEST: Allegedly police are en route to the stolen vehicle ...

UPDATE (5/16): According to Scott Monty's latest Twitter update, the car was found in the Washington DC area. Condition and whereabouts of the suspect are unknown.

BREAKING: Fiestas Movement agent reports car stolen, Ford tracking it live.
Scott Monty on Twitter


nlpnt said...

Any news?
I'm starting to smell a viral-marketing stunt; the whole "no record at all with the DMV" thing and all. (Don't the Movement cars have the usual Michigan manufacturer plates?)

Andy Lilienthal said...

According to Scott Monty's last related Twitter post, the car was found in Washington DC. The vehicle's condition and whereabouts of the suspect aren't known.

D2M said...

How exciting! :D