Friday, May 1, 2009

The $10 , DIY Yaris cruise control

A member at has found a way to make a cruise control unit for the 2009 Toyota Yaris using basic materials, and the cost is only about $10. The '09 Yaris is pre-wired for cruise control, but the option is $250, and you're really only paying for the control stalk. For the confident DIY-er, this might be a good option!

DIY - 2009 Cruise Control for $10, without pulling the steering wheel and airbag (

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Anonymous said...

got a 2010 Yaris 5door. dealer wanted $500 for the cruise control.

I did the 10 dollar tweak (actually 40 bucks 'cuz I bought more other bits than I needed exactly) and just tapped the 2 cruise control wires and BANG ! home made cruise control.

and all I did was: build a box with resistors and switches and hang a long wire out of it... undo 3 steering wheel undercover screws and vampire tap two wires.

1 hour at home building the unit...10 minutes inside the car. I now have perfect cruise control.