Thursday, February 26, 2009

"The mother of all bird craps" on our new car

So a bird crapped on our brand-new black Suzuki SX4 and Thule ski rack. Judging by the mess, it must've been a tarydactyl. What the hell did that thing eat?

I took out some Meguiar's Quick Detailer, but it didn't do squat. I let it soak it a bit, and it still didn't do much. I took out my Mother's California Gold Claybar system, and it started to come out just a bit. I had to work at this "crap" like crazy!

I finally got it off with a combination of various polishes and waxes, but wouldn't you know it: The paint is now faded and slightly scratched where the shit was.

Famous last words: "That'll buff right out" (hopefully it will).

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T.G. said...

I guess some birds will and have eaten just about anything it sounds like some sort of chemical-laced atrocity landed on your Sx4.I feel bad for that poor Peugeot too it looks like it was trapped in cave for a year with bats.