Sunday, February 8, 2009

Little car, big truck

Little car, Big Truck - Subcompact Culture
My wife and I were at IKEA the yesterday, and I come out to this huge truck parked next to my car. It just makes you realize how small your car actually is when compared to lifted trucks!

FYI, I truly have a fondness for all vehicles, including those that venture off the pavement. Having experienced the capability of some amazing off-road vehicles first hand (I worked in the off-road vehicle segment for a number of years and still have some companies as clients), I have an incredible respect for people that know how to drive where the pavement ends. Regardless, that's one big truck compared to my Yaris!


SpaRky said...

Reminds me of the commercial where they park the little roadster in the back of the Escalade.

Anonymous said...

I have pics of my box next to an escalade, I felt so tiny.