Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Subcompact snow story #2

Looks like we're under winter storm watch #4 tomorrow. That's four winter storm watches/warnings in the last week. We've got about 16" of snow with up to 8" more inches tomorrow/Thursday. This is now the biggest storm in more than 50 years.

We took our snow-tire-clad Civic out last night to help our friend taker her dog to a kennel so she can come back to Milwaukee for the holidays. It took us 2.5 hours to go 40 miles. Main streets are plowed, but not well. The manhole covers have ice buildup on them that stands as much as 12" high -- not kidding -- so we had to either drive around them, or go slowly over the small ones.

Half of getting around out here is knowing how to drive in this stuff. Hell, we were able to get around better than most people with chains and 4WD--in our lowered FWD Civic. Studded snow tires FTW.

It was obvious we were the lowest thing to have driven on the streets all day, too; we were plowing over the center un-plowed strip all night. the JDMshit EK4 SIR lip makes a great snowplow.

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