Friday, November 14, 2008

Subaru Dex

Subaru Dex - Subcompact Culture
Edmunds Inside Line has a nice little article on the upcoming Subaru Dex, which is a result of the deal struck by Toyota and Subaru. The Dex may look somewhat familiar to you; it's the same vehicle as the Toyota bB in Japan, and the Daihatsu Materia in Japan and Europe.

I like it, and have liked the new bB/Materia since it debuted in Japan in 2005. Who knows: Maybe this one will find its way across the pond? The lil' box would cost about $15,000-$20,000 according to Edmunds.

Japan: Subaru Dex (Edmunds Inside Line)
Subaru Japan Dex page

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nlpnt said...

No mention on the Edmunds site of whether it's FWD or AWD, or if the latter whether the AWD version is Subaru-exclusive. Sad to see Japan get into badge-enginnering- perplexing, too. < sarcasm >After all, it worked SO well for Detroit < /sarcasm >