Monday, October 20, 2008

2009 Honda Fit delivering higher-than-rated mileage?

2009 Honda Fit - Subcompact Culture
I had heard rumors of the new Honda Fit getting higher-than-EPA-rated fuel economy, so I decided to check out to see for myself.

Sure enough, there are people that are getting well over 40 mpg in their new Fits! The EPA rating on a new fit is 28/35 for the automatic and 27/33 for the manual transmission, yet many report having much higher mileage. See for yourself in the Links section.

Any MPG reports yet? (

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D2M said...

Wow! The 09 is getting much better MPG then the 08 and older! It totally makes me want one more now! I hope they'll be some to test drive when we move to... where ever it is we're moving next! :D